E-Commerce Partner

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2.We could help create an online marketplace for your business.

Accounting services

  1. Data entry

  2. Book keeping

  3. Personal income tax

  4. Budgeting/Planning finances

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SEO & Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

  1. On-page SEO, which focuses on optimizations related to your website, like your title tags, content, and more

  2. Off-page SEO, which focuses on optimizations related to your online presence, like your website’s backlinks

  3. Competitor analysis

  4. SEO strategies

  5. Monthly reports

  6. Progressive optimization


  1. External Marketing

  2. Internal Marketing

  3. Implement marketing Plans

  4. Content marketing

  5. Interactive Marketing

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Broadcast Video Camera


  1. Documentaries

  2. Commercials

  3. Promotional Content

  4. Interviews

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Website Services

  1. Design and Development

  2. Updates and changes to the site

  3. Content Creation

  4. Training 

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