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Local Organizations

Smilies place


When it comes to buildings with a lot of culture, Similes place can speak volumes. If you happen to be strolling through the neighborhood or looking for a place to dine out. Carly would be glad to help you out. Watch the clip to catch a glimpse of its history and its future.


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Address: 8214 175 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 1V1

Phone: (780) 444-1522

Yard Share Program Yeg - Edmonton, Alberta

What is Yard Share Yeg?

Yard Share Yeg is a Social Enterprise dedicated towards offering a unique alternative to community gardens.


Through sharing the yard space of home owners/renter to gardeners for the purpose of growing vegetables or flowers. The program creates a social space in which people can reignite a traditional feeling of living within a connected community. 


The program aims to reduce various social barriers within our local society by empowering communities to achieve collective goals and increase food security.



International Organizations

Enga Ltd - Western Kenya

What does Enga Ltd do?

Enga Ltd is a for profit organization which follows the operational calling of a non for profit. The organization has a vision of empowering the surrounding residents to formulate solutions to alleviate themselves from poverty. Through consultations,financial and educational support, scaling operations and supporting religious institutions.

The firm targets the bottom of the pyramid through creating community spaces in which social networks are nurtured and positive change realized.

Services provided

  1. Large scale vegetation production

  2. Greenhouse constructions

  3. Brick house constructions

  4. Consultations/Education

send a message if you would like to support and contribute to this organization.